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hi. last night was soooo fun!! i slept for about 10 minutes and then jen called so i went down to see her. that was great fun and we hung out with her salinas [smells like...] friends. yeah, so we didnt sleep at all, and i feel fine. i had 2 cups of coffee [which i never drink] at breakfast. i saw the sunrise with james. it was real nice. very beautiful... and comical. we have the same brain flo weirdness goin on.

<3 jen and charles<3

hehe, that was funny!! i think they have a record!

i just got back to my room, and i still dont feel tired, oh but wait till tonight! it shouldnt be that bad. over break i slept about 13+ hours a day, so i have my sleep stored for a few weeks.

hope you guys have fun at your classes! yey for school. im sooo glad to be back!
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