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well this weekend was pretty nice. it was good to be home for awhile and be around some of my best friends. i also got to hang out with ben [aka dad! <3]. he was home this weekend from the hospital. i missed him sooooo much! and saturday novato was covered with garage sales and my friends are moving in an apartment next weekend, so we went rumaging around. i got the cooooolest lamp! :) we also went to the sal val and i got 2 sweaters, hmm, yes i know its summer, but i couldnt resist. then we went to a show at dominican university in san rafael, which was a failed attempt bc we got there too late.. what show starts at 5?!!? i also did a lot of painting this weekend, and my step mom cought me painting in the bathroom. it was funny. she said thats where she started out too. it has the best lighting, the whole wall is a window and there are lots of flowers for inspiration. i really want to take a painting class this summer. it actually helps to get some feelings out. but now that im back, the stress is coming too. i put off all my work and i have sooo much to do. blargh! i already want to go home again. and it hasnt even been 12 hours.
i saw mariana on the bus today, and she said that there is always room in her car when she goes to shows and stuff. so at least i have that to look forward to. im so mad i missed mates of state in berkeley this saturday!!!! grrrrrrrr
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