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hey everybody. its been so weird being home, its like coming back to a different place, but with the painful memories attached. these past few days ive turned my room upside down, i got rid of stupid useless junk since the era of middle school. and of course, i have to read and reminsce over everything in the process; and thats why it took practically 4 days straight, 4 trashbags of clothes to the goodwill, 5 paper bags of paper recycled this morning, and 2and a half trash bags of junk. yay, sounds like a lot, but i can harly feel the dent in my space. closets are still stacked to the ceiling, and boxes hiden everywhere.... grrr
so after being a hermit, i decided to go out and mingle with my fellow peers. i went to santa rosa tonight to my friends apartment and then to see time spent driving and counterfit. it was an alright show, at least the sound quality was better than most coffee shops. and then ironically i met the man of my dreams.... sigh, and it sucks. why the irony you ask? well, the baggage seems to be haunting me... and im not one to fall back into un healthy patterns, no! not for me!
but it was nice seeing other people that i havent seen in a few years... [meaning last summer]

me and clare are finally going to hang out tomorrow. she's been preocuppied with other priorities: job, david... i guess that happens to me a lot [long topic to discuss]
but, anywho, we are getting a kitten tomorrow!!! <3! i think im going to have many dreams about kitties tonight.. xoxo
good night!

my dad says its ok if i marry harry potter :)
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