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update for the last few days

ooh jeez, clare's kitty is the cutest little angel around!! the people at the humane society are kinda creepy though and they really gave us a hard time to see if we were decent people. but.. we left with the cutest little black cat. clare had gone before and found a kitty she wanted, bart, and when we got there i told her that if she got it she would have to rename it bort... giggles did arise. but when we saw bart his eye was all juicy and pussy or some sugar so they had to take him away... and then we layed eyes on jinx, and that was the winner. so now its still in the process on being named, and there are many name canidates, but my favorite which i hope wins is: snowball. clares dad was like... um no! but i think it rocks.

hmm.. today was a pretty nice father's day. me and my dad went to an aa meeting in strawberry, which was weird going back to because i used to babysit at that sunday meeting for like 2 years. i liked it though, the speakers are so inspirational and strong, some people find them to be really depressing, but i think they are amazing. then me and my dad went to whole foods to get some lunch and then we went to sausalito to go kayaking. it was such a nice day, and the bay wasnt cold at all. my dad told me of his pirate days and where his house boat used to be and how living there with the bohemians introduced him into the world of stain glass art, which has been his profession for 20 plus years. it was nice spending time with him.

my brother came by for a little bit this morning. when i woke up he was here fighting with my dad about some money issue. i think my brother likes me now. but that always happens when the world is against him, he will always smile at me....

tomorrow my friend is having a party and ive invited a harry potter look alike... giggle giggle
aww shucks... he is the coolest boy ever [oh its this girl at my school, an aquantance, its her little brother] but one time he was eating a bagel and there wasnt any cream cheese so he put a napkin in the middle of his bagel.... this boy is the coolest thing that i know... and so what else will i do, but corrupt him, the cycle has to start sometime

ok, this is long, and im going to go sew now

bon voyage

save the dinosaur
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