nevermind (gnarlydude) wrote,

shooo wop

oooh, merry new year's ever!! does everyone have exiting plans? hmm? well, i dont think anything could ever top last new years, but this year will still be pretty fun. my friends got their house taken away by their parents because they werent going to school, so that kinda screwed our plans a little, so now we are just renting a hotel [either in the city, or here]. i kinda wanted to go to the embarcadero and see all the exitement there, but i dont think that will happen. ok, peace out in the neighborhood

james, if you ever read this, thanks for the letter! i wont have time to write you back and have it get there in time, but maybe i will.... so when you do go home you will have a 6 month old letter waiting for you! hmmmmmmmmmmm? [dark crystal hmm]... [high pitched.. doy!] how does that sound?
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