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gnarlydude's Journal

6 March
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764-hero, :dieradiodie:, adult swim, alkaline trio, armor for sleep, astronauts, at the drive in, badly drawn boy, bands, bats and mice, being car sick, belle and sebastian, belts, ben folds five, brandston, bright eyes, bubblegum floss, car saunas, cartoons, celery, centro-matic, chemistry, clinic, clipping my nails, clouddead, commander venus, culver drive, dark crystal, desaparecidos, do make say think, doug funnie, drawing, engine down, fairies, feeling left out, flamingos, flin flon, fog, four hundred years, further seems forever, gang of five robots, grape juice, gumby, indiana project, jack's broken heart, jimmy eat world, junction 18, keyboards, laughing, mars volta, mashed potatoes, mates of state, matt pond pa, mock orange, modest mouse, mogwai, music class, naps, new end original, night walks, not novato, not showering, not sleeping, odwalla, pavement, pedro the lion, penguins, piebald, pirates, planes mistaken for stars, playing piano, poetry, rain, rainer maria, rattlesnakes, reading by the fire, robots, sand, santa cruz, saved by the bell, saves the day, sgrr!, sharpening pencils, shipping news, silent smiles, small brown bike, snuggling, socks, space ghost, space ships, spaceboy, sparta, squee, stars, sunday's best, super protein 2001, the anniversary, the black heart procession, the busy signals, the memory, the ocean, the shins, the starlite desperatio, the weakerthans, thrift stores, thursday, under a dying sun, vegetarianism, wearing my back pack, weezer, willow, writin